Yoni Steam

Assist with: Menstrual cramps, vaginal tightness, hemorrhoids, heavy menstruation, balances hormones, strengthen uterus, assist with menopausal symptoms, recovery after childbirth, feminine odor, regulate menstruation, fluid retention, fertility, remove waste which contributes to cyst, fibroids,cancers, and tumors, destroys fungi, bacteria, viruses, and parasites, repairs damaged tissues, and assist with infection, bacteria and discharge.

Yoni Oils

Essential oil blend because this oil is essential to your yoni!!! Can be used daily!!! Get all 3 YONISTUFF yoni oils with our 3pk!!! Yoni oil is HIS & HER! HE can apply directly to well ya know!! Lol!! Assists with: soothing irritation, antibacterial anti inflammatory, odor/sweat control, manages cycle, and can be used as a sex lube.
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Yoni Pearls

Our Yoni Pearl is a 100% safe, all natural vaginal and womb detox with no side effects. The pearl is designed to enhace your body’s own healing abilities and restore natural balance. Although the pearl should promote discharge of uterine ailments, please be patient and use the pearls as needed, per our instruction, as sometimes you will need more than one detox for desired results. Some illness and irritation require more attention and we urge you to stay the course to vaginal wellness.

Our recommendation is 3 to 6 pearls a month until desired results or 3 pearls and 4 to 8 steams until desired results. Do not use detox 7 days before your cycle and wait at least 3 days after cycle ends to start detox. Use of a yoni pearl applicator is encouraged. You may experience dryness as uterine lining and skin is shedding as part of the process. Rehydration with All Is Well v-steams is recommended.
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