Kendra Orr 

A Woman Who Knows

She’s been there: Unable to conceive. Not sure if that divine assignment would be given to her. She’s been there: feeling shut out, shut up, shut down. Dismissed.

She’s been there: having to find herself, by herself, for herself. 

She understands: Kendra Orr has had her share of heartaches and and heartbreaks.

Her story encompasses those things we all share as women; the demands of the role and the insecurities it can bring.

Yet, underneath it all, Kendra never ceased. Something inside, that little light that wouldn’t be extinguished, pressed her on.

The doctors might have said no, specialists may have denied her desire, but she had the final say.

She journeyed forth, configuring the perfect blend of herbs and naturally occurring elements that she would use to steam and in the form of suppository pearls that would ultimately lead her to becoming pregnant.

“How’d you do that?” people would ask.

She turned the answer to that question into All Is Well Herbs, natural health-based company that focuses on Women’s Wellness. 

Whose future is household health that will boast a line of products that will invigorate the home from ceiling to floor and everything in between. 

She is committed.

Ms. Orr understands the gaps in Women’s Health from the lack of information to the lack of services and products offered and it is her life’s work to make sure that she and All Is Well Herbs will be at the forefront of bridging those gaps.

Ms. Orr has turned trouble to triumph and All Is Well Herbs is her gift to you.

About Yoni 




 1. the vulva, especially as a symbol of divine procreative energy conventionally represented by a circular stone.

The divine spirit every woman possesses is the focal point of our business. It is from within that everything shines out.

We understand that women’s health is a hot topic, highly politicized but rarely understood. It is All Is Well Herbs’ mission to educate every woman on not only the power she holds but how to harness it and, most of all, how to take care of it.

Our Yoni Steams, Pearls, and line of products are the complete, safe, and healthy regimen you need for balance, vitality, and explosive passion! 

All Is Well Herbs is the brainchild of Ms. Kendra Orr, a self-made entrepreneur who knows all too well about having to dig deep inside to find the woman she is today.

Having been unsuccessful in conceiving, Ms. Orr made it her mission to learn everything she could about her personal health to help give her body the best chance at becoming pregnant.

She set to work, vaginally steaming and using pearls that were made from her own research and experience. From there she was energized to go beyond fertility, and also help herself, and subsequently every woman, battle uterine ailments, conquer issues of intimacy, and find more energy.

We want to welcome you to All IS Well Herbs. Here is a place where it is not just “okay” to be a woman but admired and required.

Whether you are steaming or detoxing, we hope that we are helping you create a space and time that is yours alone. 

We want to reinvigorate you to go out and be the Divine Being you are. In every woman is the ability to create: whether it is new life, dinner for four, or a third grade project due tomorrow that you just found out about tonight, we hope All Is Well!

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