Using the ALL IS WELL HERBS Yoni Pearl Detox safe ???

Our Products are made from 100% herbal ingredients and are very safe to use. 

Are there any side effects using the ALL IS WELL HERBS Yoni Pearl Detox?

Please view our YouTube videos at ALL IS WELL HERBS

What is the best time to use the ALL IS WELL HERBS Yoni Pearl Detox ? 

Do not use detox 7 days before the your cycle and wait at least 3 days after cycle ends to start detox

Can I have sex while using the ALL IS WELL HERBS Yoni Pearl Detox?

No, do NOT engage in sexual intercourse while yoni pearl is inserted. We recommend reframing from intercourse while cleansing. However if you decide to engage after removing yoni pearl rinse yoni with our yoni steam mixture and wait 24 hours to have intercourse 

Can I use the ALL IS WELL HERBS Detox while pregnant?


I am a virgin can I use your ALL IS WELL HERBS Detox?


What is recommended for a complete cleanse/detox?

3 to 6 pearls a month until desired results or

3 pearls and 4 to 8 steams until desired results 

I have completed the cleanse and had no discharge is that normal? 

Yes, you may need more than 1 detox to see results. Some uterine ailments require several treatments 

After completing the cleanse, I've experienced some dryness is that normal?

Yes, uterine lining and vaginal skin is shedding. We recommend rehydrating with ALL IS WELL HERBS yoni steams

Any other tips for using the ALL IS WELL HERBS Detox?

Avoid sex while detoxing. Use a yoni applicator to insert pearl. Never reinsert pearls. Do not use while pregnant, bleeding or breastfeeding.

What is your return and shipping policy? 

All sales are final. NO REFUNDS! A 50% restocking fee is charged to all returned or canceled orders. 

Can I do an address change? 

Yes email us we will be happy to update your address. Address changes are $10 cash app only!


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