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Made of 100% natural & genuine quartz

Manually carved & polished without any chemical treatment or waxing!


Yoni kegel egg for women to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and for countering stress adult urinary Incontinence

Perfect jade egg for kegels. Comes with a soft storage bag.

Comes in three sizes + Storage Pouch
Replace Line:
large size (2x1.4 inch)
medium size (1.7x1.2 inch)
small size (1.4x1.0 inch)
For beginner, intermediate and advanced users.

If Green Jade not available clear/white quartz set will be sent.

All eggs have pre-drilled holes. 

If you are using them for kegel exercise, start with the large egg, then the medium egg. As your kegel muscles improve, you can change to the smallest egg, because it takes more "skill" to use the smallest egg 


•Feel more grounded and centred in yourself

• Improve bladder and bowel function

• Prevent urine leaking

• Recover from vaginal delivery

• Balance your hormones. 

Please clean the Eggs with warm spring water overnight and/or soap (can be activated in the sun) then after every use, wash them with soap and water, wrap them in a soft cloth, and put back in the storage bag.

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