Essential oil blend because this oil is essential to your Yoni!

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REGULAR YONI OIL is a great alternative for the SENSITIVE YONI OIL

You can use it daily, and get all 3 YONISTUFF Yoni Oils with our 3-PACK!
 Yoni oil is HIS & HER! HE can apply directly to well ya know
Assists with: soothing irritation, antibacterial anti-inflammatory, odor/sweat control, manages cycle and can be used as a sex lube. 
How to use: Apply 2 drops to your clean hand and apply to the vulva, apply drops to pantyliner or pad, asd a few drops to a bath. 
Also great for inserting YONI PEARLS
Sex lube:
Apply a few drops to vulva/vagina or apply to penis
Food grade oils
Sensitive- yellow (no lavender)
Regular- pink (contains lavender)
Peppermint- purple (contains lavender and peppermint)
Do NOT use while pregnant. 
Processing times are 3 to 5 business days 
Sale processing times are 7 to 10 business days 
You can start Yoni products about 7 days postpartum
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